Tigers News · State Indoor Track Meet Results

The Ohio Indoor Track Finale was a day of ups and downs for the Heights High track team and the twelve athletes who qualified for the state championship.

Coach Scott McNulty is proud of his runners and excited to watch them excel and improve as they gain experience, especially when competing on such a grand scale. The girls’ 4×400-meter relay team of placed 8th in the state, while the 4×200-meter team of earned the 9th place honor.

Junior McKenzie McNitt placed 16th overall in the 400-meter relay while freshman Jordyn Brand placed 12th in the 200-meter, one of only two freshmen in the state to compete in that event. Senior Jordan Mormon placed 10th in the preliminary 60-meter hurdles, just missing a spot in the finals which go to the top nine hurdlers.

The boys’ squad, a much younger team, came in 7th in the 4×200-meter relay, 9th in the 4×400-meters and 17th in the 4×800-meters after being involved a collision of runners on the track.

Junior Jeremiah Dillard (previously identified as a senior) placed 13th in the 200-meter dash, while junior Kenoshae Boyd Bey placed 21st in the 400-meters.

All in all, it was an impressive showing for a growing team and Coach McNulty is confident that these runners are poised for an excellent outdoor season this spring.

Anyone interested in joining the team as either a sprinter, distance runner (up to two miles) or field event participant should reach out to Coach Stephanie Buda at s_buda@chuh.org.


Full list of entries
60m hurdles – Jojo Mormon (12)
200m – Jordyn Brand (9)
400m – McKenzie McNitt (11)
4x200m relay – Jojo Mormon (12), Jordyn Brand (9), McKenzie McNitt (11), Lilly Banks (12)
4x400m relay – Jojo Mormon (12), McKenzie McNitt (11), Jordyn Brand (9), Asia Fair (12)

200m – Jeremiah Dillard (11)
400m – Keonshae Boyd Bey (11)
4x200m relay – Jeremiah Dillard (11), Elijah Fowlks (11), Sule Lunda (10), Keonshae Boyd Bey 1(1)
4x400m relay – Sule Lunda (10), Marius Coleman (11), Jamal Russ (12), Keonshae Boyd Bey (11)
4x800m relay – Braedan Gallagher (11), Marius Coleman (11), Sule Lunda (10), Jamal Russ (12)