Tigers News · HEIGHTS BOWLING – Tigers 2019/2020 season preview

Cleveland Heights is looking forward to continuing to build the bowling program in the 2019-2020 season.

Coach Keith Beavers is serving in his 10th season with the Tigers and 13th overall. Beavers began his career coaching for Regina High School where he led the Royals to a conference championship and a district appearance. Beavers also served as the women’s varsity coach for Notre Dame College for three seasons where he improved a team that was ranked 68th in the nation to a season final ranking of 8th in the polls.

Returning starters for Heights include Ben Goldman, Thaddeus Coiner and Kiyhale Hayes.

Jaeden Lawson is a talented newcomer.

The main concern for the Tigers is a lack of experience. The majority of the Heights bowlers are new bowlers and are seeing the sport in its competitive form for the first time.
“Although the lack of experience, Cleveland Heights Tiger bowling is know for their outstanding sportsmanship and love for the game. The way the team comes together and supports each other sets the standards for how teams should perform in high school bowling,” Beavers said.
With the addition of Lawson, an incoming freshman who has been bowling his entire life, the Tigers are anticipating to win a few more games this year than previous years.