Tigers News · XC 2019 SEASON PREVIEW

Cleveland Heights coach Scott McNulty is excited to see the program grow in his first year as the head coach of the Tigers.
“We have a great group and there is time to get better and make this program elite again,” McNulty said. “Heights has a great reputation and I’m privileged to be part of it again. We have talented kids who we hope will be part of this program.
“On the boys side we have talented kids who work hard, and on the girls side I have confidence when school starts we will get more girls coming out for the team.”
Gallagher is a promising sophomore and the seniors will be huge in the impact on the team.
Azaria Thomas is a supreme athlete, shown on the track, and is only getting better.


Isaiah Hamilton, 12
Donovan Veccia, 12
Cameron Wallace, 12
Braeden Gallagher, 10
Griffin Gulden, 10
Cayden Bidinger, 9
Aaron Lewis, 9
Isaac Godfrey, 9

Azaria Thomas, 12