Cleveland Heights is a school with a stellar reputation for having talented student-athletes that lead to the Tigers being competitive in all varsity sports.

With the hallways loaded with that kind of athleticism, it would normally freshmen would have a difficult time making the varsity let alone contributing or earning a letter. In “a” sport. Any sport.

Now imagine the ability to letter as a freshmen in three sports over the fall, winter and spring and to continue to do so every year until graduation.

It’s exhausting and impressive to think about, however three current seniors have done just that as they wrap up their high school careers.

Owen Lang, Daniel Lewis and Jayden Weaver don’t know anything else but being varsity athletes and have been earning letters for the Tigers since the moment they got to the Heights campus.

Twelve letters all tolled for each of these three talented student-athletes who have definitely left a mark at the school.

Here’s what the trio had to say reflecting back on a busy high school career.


Owen Lang 

Golf, Hockey(center), Lacrosse(attack)

* “As a freshman, I was just looking to come in and have a fun time – I wasn’t really worried about lettering just showing that I was able to compete at this level and have fun.”

* “It’s hard because you don’t really have breaks. I was kind of always in season so it’s important to stay on top of my schoolwork.”

* “My best moment was probably scoring the OT winning goal my sophomore year in hockey in the playoffs against Rocky River because we were big underdogs in that game and no one really picked us to win and we overcame a 2-goal deficit.”

Daniel Lewis, 3.9 GPA

Cross Country, Hockey (Goalie), Lacrosse (middlefield)
* “I didn’t have any crazy expectations going into freshman year because I played the same sports in middle school plus I ran track too. I did expect to earn 12 varsity letters because I knew I was going to continue playing sports, as that was a large part of my childhood, but I did not know that earning 12 letters was an accomplishment, I thought it was a common occurrence.”
* “It can be really physically taxing at times. During the transition between seasons practices from each sport would overlap sometimes which was a lot of work to put the body through which makes getting eight hours of sleep very important. Besides that it was never to much to handle.”
* “Academics are everything and should always be your #1 priority and if you let your grades fall you will face consequences, for example you would become ineligible.”
* “I can’t give one (top) moment because I really enjoyed all of my time spent playing sports with Heights. Every year my teammates have made it a memorable and happy experience.”
* “I didn’t realize it was such an uncommon thing, but it’s cool to be recognized for the hard-work and time I put into those sports.”

Jayden S. Weaver, 4.4 GPA

SPORTS/POSITION: Soccer/Forward, Midfielder …. Basketball/Power Forward, Center …. Lacrosse/Center, Midfielder

* “As a freshman, I expected to compete for a position as a varsity starter, make an impact in the program and contribute in a major way to the success of the program. This was true for all three varsity sports that I play. However, outside of playing soccer, as a freshman I was not certain what other sports I would be playing or how many of them for that matter. So, in that way, I guess I never ‘expected’ to earn 12 letters. When I did decide to try out for the women’s basketball and lacrosse teams it was my full intention to become a varsity starter.”

* “It is difficult to balance offseason workouts as 3-sport athlete because you are always in season, every day, all year. It definitely takes planning and time management to be able to coordinate off season workouts. For example, during lacrosse season, I also play premier league soccer for my club team, so I have to look at both the soccer and lacrosse schedules and coordinate.”

* “Excelling in the classroom has always been my first priority. I pride myself in achieving great things academically and athletically. There are few things better than acing a test and having a performance that contributes to a win in the same day.”

* “Over 12 seasons there have been many memorable moments. I think one of the moments that I will always remember is playing in this year’s basketball District Championship. As a team we accomplished great things during the regular season, and were able to make a good run in the postseason, despite coming up short in the District Finals. You can not beat playing on a stage like that: the lights, the crowd, and the stakes.”

* “This accomplishment is not only a testament to the hard work, perseverance, and sacrifices that were required of me to get to this point, but a testament to the support of my family, coaches, teammates, and community as well. It has been 12 seasons of unique challenges physically, mentally, and emotionally but that’s what have made these 12 seasons truly meaningful. It feels good to know that my efforts on the field and court have allowed me to accomplish something this rare and special.”